Tuscarora Carrigan
Carrigan in the offseason is a national champion high jumper. We're not kidding.

Girls Player of the Week (1/21-1/27) is Alysa Carrigan, Tuscarora

Our Girls Player of the Week for the week of January 21st to January 27th is Alysa Carrigan of Tuscarora.

Tuscarora had a brutal four-game week, but Carrigan and the Huskies were up for the challenge, falling only to #3 Woodgrove and getting a big win over then-#17 Broad Run.

Carrigan did it all, averaging 22 points per game, 11.5 rebounds per game, and 7.5 steals per game. Oh, and yes she managed to sprinkle in some ferocious blocked shots as well–Carrigan can jump like no one else can in Northern Virginia. Anyone who wants to challenge that statement is free to try–in the Spring Carrigan competes as a national-champion high jumper.

On the basketball court she continues to expand her already-formidable game, which is just kind of scary.

Congrats to Alysa and the Huskies!