Girls’ Northern Virginia Holiday Tournament Schedule

We love holiday tournament time. That’s because some of these tournaments have hospitality rooms with tasty snacks. We love tasty snacks.

But enough idle chit-chat. We created this site to cover basketball, not talk food. (Does the Bulldog Bash still get Outback?) Many, many teams will be competing over the holidays. Some teams will be starved for wins, others simply looking to snack on one another as mild appetizers before conference play. Novahoops.com has your complete schedules right here.

Not sure what’s up with the “Cougar Classic,” though. It’s like Oakton scheduled a tournament, but they’re jetting to Arizona over the break. Not even sure where those games are. We guess Oakton. Meh, somebody will tell us.

If you have any corrections, or have a good idea what sort of foods are being served where, let us know in the comments.

Passport Nissan Fairfax Rebel Round Ball Classic (December 27th-29th)

rebel-girlsWestfield Bulldog Bash (December 27th to December 29th)



Oakton Cougar Classic (December 27th-December 29th)

December 27th
George Mason vs. Hylton,  12:30 pm
Yorktown vs. Stafford, 2:15 pm
Patriot vs. Mills Godwin, 5:45 pm
Annandale vs. South Lakes, 7:00 pm
Loudoun County vs. McLean, 7:30 pm

December 28th
McLean vs. Hylton, 2:15 pm
Loudoun County vs. George Mason, 5:45 pm
Yorktown vs. Annandale, 5:45 pm
Patriot vs. South Lakes, 7:30 pm

December 29th
George Mason vs. South Lakes, 12:30 pm
Yorktown vs. Mills Godwin, 2:15 pm
Loudoun County vs. Hylton, 5:45 pm
Annandale vs. Stafford, 7:00 pm
Patriot vs. McLean, 7:30 pm


Falls Church Joe Cascio Holiday Tournament (December 28th-December 30th)