Chris Jollay, Kye Robinson, and Kye's mother Kelly signed a first-of-its-kind NIL deal on Monday.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, the leader in local high school basketball coverage in Northern Virginia, is pleased to announce the first Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal in its history. The agreement is with Kye Robinson, a senior from Alexandria, VA.

“I am unbelievably excited and pleased to announce our partnership with Kye,” said Chris Jollay, owner of Novahoops. “He’s one of the premier basketball players in the talent-rich area of Northern Virginia, a solid student who plays the game the right way. A great person from a great family, I am just honored to see him in our gear and as an ambassador for our website.”

Kye, 17, has earned numerous accolades for his play the past few years as a varsity player from both basketball media and local coaches. A consistent 20-a-game-scorer, he’s also earned plaudits for his hard work and ability to defend. A point guard with good size at well over six-feet, Kye will have several opportunities to play college basketball next year.

“His future is incredibly bright no matter what he decides to do on or off the basketball court,” said Jollay. “But a lot of people are going to really take notice of Kye on the court this season.”

  Kye signs his NIL deal to make it official.

The deal was signed and made official at a pizza dinner with Jollay, Robinson, and Kye’s mom, Kelly. The contract follows all guidelines as stipulated by VHSL. The NIL activities/promotions Robinson partakes in with Novahoops will be separate from his high school. Any coverage the website undertakes of his high school games will be objective in nature and focus on the team’s results.

“Any NIL activities Kye partakes in–commercials, videos, and so on–will be completely separate from his high school, as the NIL guidelines stipulate,” Jollay said. “Any basketball coverage of his high school will be completely apart from his NIL activities. The most important thing is this young man’s future.”

Robinson, who aspires to play high-level college basketball next year, was excited to sign the deal.

“I’m excited for this deal and what the future holds for us,” he said.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.