Our all-encompassing 40-team NOVA regionals, boys

If you’ve looked at the public school  regional brackets this year, you’ve no doubt wondered a ton of things. Why does everybody in some districts, including 2-3 win teams, make it into regionals? Why is the Potomac District essentially a region onto itself? Why have any format where you play consolation games at districts?

That’s just a few of the many, many problems. Now, no longer.

We are proud to announce our bloodless transition to absolute power on the Northern Virginia basketball scene is now complete! Tear up those six regional brackets cause now there’s just one! Yes, your friends at novahoops.com have re-done everything! In just the span of two hours we produced a bracket that makes about 200% more sense than what we have now!

40 teams have been selected for our inaugural tournament, which starts with play-in games for the regional seventh and eighth seeds. It starts tomorrow–sorry for the late notice.

No silly division by school size anymore–if Hickory can beat Terhune, you class three and fours can mix it up with the sixes!


Each region is played at the site of top-seeded schools until the Final Four, which will be played at George Mason University’s Eagle Bank Arena (we know a guy). Auto-bids were given out if you won your district’s regular season or tournament, the rest were at-large bids given to schools by a crack committee consisting of me, Chris Jollay, and nobody else.

If you were excluded, win more games next year. Whiners.

Enjoy, and remember to go ahead and skip the regionals you were originally assigned to. We know 6B and 3B have started, we’ll just leave those unfinished. Report to your assigned region immediately. Thanks.

When we crown a grand champion, that team will take on any and all challenges from the inferior 804 and 757 area codes as they see fit.


  1. This is a game changer ! I like it because it not only makes sense . It will have everyone in the state that can play this game dialed in all season long . To a certain degree it also is very similar to what the NCAA has done for years . This is a no brainer . You definitely have my vote . Virginia has unbelievable talent at all levels .

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